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Ustazah Siti Arbaiyah Binti Mohd Saron

Ustazah Siti Arbaiyah Binti Mohd Saron
Reading Al-Quraan
Tajwid Al-Quran
Tahfiz Al-Quran
Qiraat Al-Quran

Ustazah Arbaiyah has thought Al-Quran more than 6 years. She communicates well with her students in Malay, English and Arabic of all ages

She is a graduate from Al-Azhar in Qiraat, and holds a position as an Associate Lecturer in her local university 

Secondary Education
SMKA Sultan Azlan Shah, Perak
Tahfiz Al-Quran Wa Al Qiraat
Maahad Tahfiz Al Quran Yayasan Islam Negeri Kedah
Takhassus Qiraat
Maahad al-Fatayat, Al-Azhar University, Egypt