ustazah ibtisam

Ustazah Ibtisam binti Muhammad

Ustazah Ibtisam binti Muhammad
Reading Al-Quran
Tajwid Al-Quran
Tahfiz Al-Quran
Qiraat Al-Quran

Ustazah has been teaching Al-Quran recitation close to three years. She converse well in Malay, English and Arabic to all age groups.

She has an interesting background as has had her secondary education was in a secondary school in Makkah. This gave her a good platform in arabic language. She later took her degree in Islamic Reveal Knowledge, Majoring in Fiqh and Usulludin in UIIM

Secondary School
Secondary School in Makkah
Irk, Islamic Revealed Knowledge Majoring in Fiqh and Usuluddin
International Islamic University Malaysia