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Currently we are teaching Quran in many aspects


Iqra is a method of learning to read Al-Quran for beginners. The Ministry of Education Malaysia have adopted this method as a teaching guide for reading Al-Qur'an in all primary schools in Malaysia. This method was identified to be very effective in helping student to read Al Quran in a short period of time successfully. This method was also adopted by other ASEAN countries

Iqra Reading

We will learn the introduction to Qur’anic readings, through reading Iqra book 1 to 6. This is achieved through phonic methods via understanding the pronunciation of hijaiyah letters, lines and general signs found in the Quran.

Reading Al-Quran

We will stress on the fluency, and clarity in the pronunciation of the Quranic alphabet and letters in more depth. The recitation of the Al-Quran begins from surah Al-Baqarah to the end of chapter verse 30.

Read Al-Quran & Tajwid

We will learn the laws in Qur’anic reading. This includes correct makhraj  pronunciation, the nature of the letters, intonation ‘dengung’, and the harakat length of kalimah. Students will also understand signs of the ‘Waqaf’ and ‘Wasal’. This leads to a more complete learning Al-Quran.

Memorisation (Hafazan)

We will train the mind to memorize the Quranic Verses. Techniques which we shall use are talaggi, tasmik, tadabbur, tahriri and murajaah.

Our service

We are hoping to improve the uptake of reading and understanding of Al-Quran online

Learning Al-Quran is best taught face to face with an asatizah in a madrasah or mosque. However, for some of us this may not happen due to constraints of time and logistics.  We hope to provide an opportunity for learning to happen with our learning website service.

Learningquranorg will provide students with a one-to-one session with an asatizah using skype in Bahasa or English. All other learning materials will be provided online.


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